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Liverpool's new local TV channel is live

The last of this year's local TV channel launches has brought viewers in Merseyside their own channel.

At 5:30pm, Bay TV Liverpool went on-air to viewers on Freeview, YouView and Virgin Media across Merseyside and beyond, providing an alternative to the traditional Manchester based regional services available in North West England.

This may prove to be a significant selling point for the station, given the many strong local identities found within the North West region.

The channel is available in around 933,000 homes, with a potential reach of around 2.2 million.

Coverage Area (via Ofcom)
On Freeview and YouView, Bay TV Liverpool is broadcast on channel 8, available to viewers in the coverage area who receive their TV service from either Winter Hill in Lancashire or Storeton on the Wirral. Early reception reports have indicated that the service reaches parts of North Wales beyond the core coverage area, shown on the map.

Most viewers who had to retune Freeview in September when channel number changes took place will have Bay TV Liverpool stored in their line-up, as the channel has been broadcasting a barker for the past three months.

The channel says that it will not be on Sky initially.

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