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FAQ: a516digital's Top 5 of 2014

2014 brought several major changes to the TV and radio services available to viewers and listeners, prompting many queries.

a516digital looks at the top 5 questions that generated the most interest on this website:

1. Where have bid/price drop TV gone?
Top of the rankings for 2014, where had these shopping channels disappeared to?
In April, both shopping channels abruptly fell off-air after their parent company went into administration. The channels clearly had their fans, and even as the Christmas shopping period started, visitors to the site were still trying to find out where the channels had gone.

2. Where have my UK channels gone?
In February, the main UK free-to-air channels, including BBC TV and radio services moved satellite. Finally, UK broadcasters were able to limit their signal outside of the British Isles for broadcast rights purposes. This caused many viewers to lose their satellite signal, or need a larger dish to continue watching. Some viewers have taken up illegal viewing via another satellite or internet feeds.

3. How can I watch another ITV/STV/UTV region on satellite?
When STV opted out of showing football and when STV broadcast a referendum debate, viewers were eager to know the manual tuning details for the ITV/ Channel 3 network on satellite...

4. How can I get ITVBe?
ITV's new home of TOWIE resulted in a torrent of traffic from viewers wanting to know how they could get their Essex fix...

5. The Freeview Retune - 3rd September. What's happening?
In September, it was time for another channel reshuffle on Freeview. Many were eager to know what was happening and how it would affect them.

A late contender that just failed to make the top 5 for 2014 was:
How can I get Film4+1 on Freeview?
A lot are missing the opportunity to catch up on a Film4 movie an hour later since a change in the way it is broadcast on Freeview in November 2014.

Please note that in older articles, information may in time become out-of-date, but is being kept online for reference purposes. a516digital is working on reviewing such articles and flagging older articles that won't be updated with the tag [ARCHIVE], for example the Freeview Retune (3rd September) page, where subsequently, there have been further changes to the Freeview service.