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Connected French TV service re-launches in the UK

French TV package Téléfrance has re-launched with a low-cost "discovery" subscription offer, providing viewers in the UK with access to up to 11 French channels.

The service is available as a online service, available on Samsung Smart TVs, the Now TV box, Roku and via Android and iOS apps and will particularly appeal to French expats in the UK, especially those who can't have access to the French channels via satellite.

Channels carried on the service include French domestic public service channels France 2, 3 and 5 and the French language version of France 24. Other services completing the line-up are TV5Monde, Montagne TV, Eurochannel, RFM TV, MCM TV, The Museum Channel, MyZen TV.

Between now and February, the service has a "discovery offer" of 1p for two months, followed by a regular subscription charge of £6.99 a month.

Téléfrance originally appeared as part of the Vision TV Network package of international channels on connected Freeview channel 225. Following the closure of that service, Téléfrance continued to be available online. on mobile and via Roku boxes, providing access to 4 channels (France 2,3,5 and France 24).

The French version of France 24 is still carried free-to-view on connected Freeview HD devices, via Vision TV on channel 244.


  1. and the minute the "Discovery" period ended, out went France 2/3/5 on 31/01/2015 without any warning. E-mails have produced no explanation, so having hiked the price by 40% form £4.99 to £6.99, they have removed the raison d'etre with no mor live access to France Télévisions networks. Subscription cancelled

    1. That's annoying. A switch to TNT Sat or Fransat then?


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