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BBC Trust reviews Speech Radio

Listeners to BBC Radio 4, Radio 5 live and their digital sister stations Radio 4 Extra and 5 live sports extra have an opportunity to tell the BBC Trust their opinions of how the radio stations are performing.

The BBC Trust has begun its latest service review, looking at the four speech radio stations, as part of its regular reviews of BBC output.

A public consultation has been launched and listeners can contribute to the consultation by filling in the online form (link below), or via Twitter, tweeting @bbctrust using the hashtag #trustreview.

The Trust is particularly interested in finding out how well these stations are serving audiences, whether they are delivering "high quality, distinctive programmes and content, and whether they are delivering value for money. "

According to the BBC Trust, it wants to know views about Radio 4's "provision of news, current affairs, drama and comedy, and its use of digital technology". 

5 live listeners are being asked for their views on the "quality, range, interactivity and tone of news and sport on the station, and about sports commentary and wider sports coverage."

The review will also look at the future plans of the stations, and if they are responding to changing expectations and listening habits.

BBC Trustee Professor Elan Closs Stephens, lead Trustee for the review, said: "These reviews are a valuable check on how these much-loved stations are doing, whether they are delivering what they should be and whether there's anything that can be improved. We can only do that with the input of their listeners and I hope everyone will take a few minutes to tell us what they think.

"The way people listen to the radio is also continuing to evolve as technology advances and more people want to listen on the move or on different devices, so we'll be looking at how well equipped the stations are to respond to this now and in the future."

The review's findings will be published in early summer 2015.


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