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BBC launches Radio Bristol on Freeview

The BBC has announced that a third BBC local radio station will make its debut on Freeview this week.

On Thursday 11th December, BBC Radio Bristol will become available on Freeview channel 719 for Freeview and YouView viewers who receive "Points West" as their regional BBC One news programme.

The move follows the BBC's launch of BBC London and WM on Freeview in the Spring for viewers in the London and West Midlands TV regions. Viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been able to receive BBC stations for their area on Freeview since its launch.

Viewers who receive Points West on Freeview may need to retune their Freeview box or TV for the new service; some devices including YouView boxes will automatically add the channel.

The BBC says it is exploring options for making Local Radio services "more widely available", confirming that "further announcements on plans are likely early in the New Year."


  1. I live in Somerset and get BBC Radio Wales on 719, and Radio Cymru on 720.

    1. Assuming your primary signal comes from Mendip transmitter and a secondary signal from Wenvoe in Wales, it'll be interesting to see how your receiver handles the new addition.

  2. It has now launched on 719 labelled BBC Bristol. BBC Radio Cymru is on 720 and BBC Radio Wales is now on 802 (after 800 BBC One Wales and 802 BBC Two Wales)


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