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Arise News arrives on Freeview

Arise News has launched today on Freeview channel 136, the former "TBA" channel.

The standard definition channel uses the advanced Digital Video Broadcasting technology MPEG4 DVB-T2 and as such is available to viewers with a Freeview HD device or YouView box who live in an area where Al Jazeera English HD, BBC Four HD and 4seven HD are already available on Freeview.

Arise News was founded by Nigerian publisher Nduka Obaigbena, who dreamed of a global news channel connecting all the colours and shades of news around the globe. The channel describes itself as "an emerging 24-hour news and entertainment channel brought to you by a diverse team of over 500 world-class journalists, and broadcasters, behind-the-scenes and in front of camera: a team dedicated to offering perspectives seldom given airtime." It operates out of four broadcast hubs located in London, New York, Johannesburg and Lagos.

Speaking of the launch on Freeview, he said: "Today, we reach yet another milestone as we launch on Freeview. Arise News is committed to covering issues of the day and world events that matter from an uncommon perspective, engaging citizens of the world in an emerging new global order truly representing the experiences of the under-served communities often ignored by conventional media."

Arqiva's Mike Finchen said: "We are delighted to welcome Arise News to the Freeview platform. Most Freeview HD homes will be able to enjoy the rich cultural and educational content available on the channel. We at Arqiva are committed to broadcasting a variety of content to offer viewers great channel and programme choices."

A brief history
Arise News first appeared on Sky and free-to-air satellite in 2013, available in both HD and SD, and started carrying Freesat programme data in July 2013, but never made it on the Freesat Guide. In August 2013, the channel vanished from satellite. A few months later, the station reappeared in standard definition on Sky. It is also carried on the Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite for viewers across continental Europe.

On-screen talent listed on the Arise TV website you may have seen on other UK channels in the past include Michael Wilson (Sky News), Juliette Foster (Sky News and BBC News) and Asha Tanner (Sky News and Channel 5 among others).


  1. Terrible. Yet another SD channel taking up space that should be used by an HD service. What a waste.

  2. hi how long Arise News launched wot time on freeview in London

  3. Arise News was first sighted on Freeview channel 136 shortly after 12 noon on the 11th December.


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