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YouView announces addition of Netflix

YouView has today officially announced the addition of Netflix, the world’s largest internet TV network with details of how all YouView viewers, regardless of which internet service provider they use, will be able to access the service.

The imminent launch of Netflix for BT YouView users was revealed in BT's results last week. The addition of Netflix on YouView had been the subject of rumours for a long time.

Netflix offers easy, instant access to a wide variety of popular TV box sets, films, comedy specials, documentaries and children’s programming. Existing Netflix subscribers can login to the player by entering their Netflix username and password using the YouView remote control.

Richard Halton, CEO, YouView said: “Netflix is a brilliant addition to our already impressive line-up of TV programming. We are really excited about Netflix and giving YouView audiences even more choice.”

Bill Holmes, head of business development at Netflix said: “We’re very excited to bring the Netflix app to YouView boxes and hope to make it even easier for Netflix members with YouView to watch Netflix on their television sets.”

Available to watch today are complete TV box sets including Breaking Bad, The Originals, Homeland and Netflix original series such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Bojack Horseman. Coming up on 12 December, the highly anticipated new Netflix original series Marco Polo. Films available to watch instantly on Netflix include The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Skyfall and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with more movie treats coming soon.

YouView now offers all the major UK on demand players which include BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, Demand 5, Milkshake, UKTV, Quest from Discovery, NOW TV from Sky and Sky Store.

BT and Humax Retail YouView box users

TalkTalk and Huawei Retail YouView box users
  • YouView from TalkTalk set-top boxes and Huawei retail set-top boxes will receive this update early in the new year. TalkTalk customers who would like to be amongst the first to enjoy Netflix on YouView from TalkTalk can pre-register at

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