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YouView adds three of Arqiva's Connect TV services

Most YouView users are now able to access some of Freeview's streamed internet channels in a long-awaited development.

Motors TV on channel 240, Vintage TV on channel 242 and RT Documentary via channel 135 are now available on Humax retail boxes and BT YouView boxes.

These services are three of Arqiva's Connect TV services and access to them has been a long running gripe from viewers, and the inability to get Motors TV on channel 240 on YouView has been a repeated topic in the a516digital mailbox. Arqiva is one of the shareholders in YouView.

Viewers accessing these channels will be prompted to press the red button to access the services, which are delivered via broadband internet.

It's not possible to schedule recordings, pause, fast forward or rewind on these streams.

Other services, such as the extra music channels via the red button on channel 18 continue to be unavailable on YouView boxes.

Some of the missing channels, such as some of the VuTV channels (channel 238), The Box music channels (red button on channel 18) are available as pay TV services on either BT or TalkTalk's TV packages via YouView.

YouView channel list

*Update 02/12/2014: SonLife on channel 239 is now also available, making it four Connect TV services.*


  1. i have a humax talk talk youview box connected to the internet but not subscribed.
    Whenever i try these channels it says. "Sorry your device is not compatible with this service"

    1. As indicated in the article above, the channels are available on Humax Retail (YouView) Boxes and BT YouView boxes. TalkTalk Humax boxes were, I'm afraid, not included in the initial rollout.


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