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Vision TV announces launch date of connected Freeview service

Vision TV, a portal of international free-to-view channels delivered via the internet to Freeview HD receivers is to launch next week.

Parent company Vision 247 has confirmed on social media that it will launch its connected Freeview service on the 11th November 2014. It will be available on channel 244.

Channels already announced as launching include Vox Africa and Sports Tonight. Sports Tonight was part of the original line-up of streamed channels on Freeview. Last month, it was announced that Vision TV on channel 244 will initially deliver 20 free-to-view channels. Channels of various genres will be accessible via the portal.

The service is the latest incarnation of the Vision TV Network, that previously operated a mix of pay and free TV streamed services on channels 225 and 230; the pay TV elements of which are still available via the Roku service.

Vision TV is brought to connected Freeview devices by Synapse TV, who already deliver VuTV and the TVPlayer service on channels 238 and 241 respectively. Devices that can already access TVPlayer should be able to access Vision TV; these are mainly current Freeview HD certified TVs, PVRs and set-top-boxes from most major manufacturers, but not YouView boxes. Viewers are advised that they need at least 2Mbps broadband speed; usage of the service for viewers without unlimited broadband packages will count towards any broadband usage caps.

Freeview + Internet

Find out more about how Freeview is being enhanced through the addition of internet-delivered services.

Read more about the streamed channels, which start from Freeview channel 225.

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