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Three local TV stations join Sky

Made in Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff are now on Sky
Three local TV stations have been added to Sky today, bringing the current total of local TV stations on Sky to five.

Made in Bristol, Made in Cardiff and Made in Leeds have been added to Sky's EPG. Bristol and Leeds local stations can be found on channel 117; Made in Cardiff is on channel 134. Until now, London Live and STV Glasgow were the only local TV stations carried on Sky.

The channels are available on Sky for free regardless of the level of subscription chosen by viewers.

Due to the way Sky's regionalisation differs from terrestrial coverage (based on postcode rather than topographical factors), viewers across a bigger area can now tune into the stations.

Made in Bristol is available to Sky viewers in the core BBC West/ITV West TV region. Made in Leeds is available for those in the core ITV Yorkshire (West) region. Made in Cardiff is available to those viewers with ITV Wales on channel 103.

Outside of these areas, local TV stations can be manually tuned in on Sky UK boxes. The channels are not available on Freesat, ensuring that the services aren't officially received via signal overlap outside of the UK.

Made in Tyne and Wear is the next local TV station due to launch on Sky. It's scheduled to go live next week. Edinburgh residents will see STV Edinburgh on Sky in 2015.


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