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STV Edinburgh reveals programme details ahead of January launch

STV has confirmed that its local TV channel for Edinburgh will launch in early January 2015 with a magazine show broadcast live from the capital each weekday evening.

The magazine show, named The Fountainbridge Show will be presented nightly at 7pm from the studio by former Heart and Real Radio breakfast show host, Ewen Cameron and broadcaster and presenter Hayley Matthews. Ewen and Hayley will be joined on the live programme by roving reporters Zara Janjua and George Ward.

Following in the footsteps of its sister channel serving Glasgow, STV Edinburgh will be on air midday to midnight each day with an entertaining mix of news and features, live and interactive formats, and quality acquired and archive programming, including Take the High Road and Days of Honour.

Paul Hughes, channel editor for STV Edinburgh said: "The launch of STV Edinburgh offers a brand new platform for local community groups in the capital city to share their stories. The Fountainbridge Show is part of an entertaining schedule with locally relevant content for this unique city."

Channel bosses in Edinburgh hope to copy the success of STV Glasgow, which launched back in June 2014.  STV Glasgow reaches a monthly audience of 600,000 in Glasgow and the west, with 64% of the transmission area tuning in since launch. Paul Hughes said: "STV Glasgow has delivered a strong performance since launch nearly six months ago and we anticipate a positive response from the people of Edinburgh when we begin broadcasting in early January."

STV Edinburgh will soon commence tests on Freeview channel 23 from the Craigkelly transmitter.Viewers who can already receive "POP" on channel 125 and "QVC Extra" on channel 57 in Edinburgh will be able to receive the service.

An extension of the coverage to serve the approximately 30% of households in Edinburgh who receive their signal from the Black Hill transmitter is mooted; Ofcom recently invited interested parties to apply for a licence to operate local TV for Falkirk from Black Hill, using the frequency once proposed for an extension to STV Edinburgh's service. There were no takers, so it's possible it may be considered for Edinburgh local TV in the future, filling in the holes in the western half of the coverage area shown above.

STV Edinburgh will also be carried on Sky (channel 117)  and Virgin (channel 159).

Local TV stations coming soon on Freeview and YouView channel 8 in England and Northern Ireland, or channel 23 in Scotland and Wales


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