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North Yorkshire's local DAB multiplex set to launch with three services

Local DAB is set to launch in North Yorkshire on the 17th December 2014 with three local radio stations on the launch line-up.

Broadcasting initially from transmitters at Bilsdale, Acklam Wold and Hildebrand Barracks, the multiplex will carry BBC Radio York and two new DAB offshoot stations from UKRD's local stations Minster FM and Stray FM.

More Minster and Stray Extra will, according to Ofcom paperwork published today, will have distinct names and speech-based opt outs to the main FM service. UKRD's Pirate FM in Cornwall has piloted a similar offering on its local DAB service.

Yorkshire Coast Radio has at this stage decided against DAB carriage; however the local DAB service for North Yorkshire won't be available in and around Scarborough initially. Further transmitters serving coastal areas are possible in the future.

North Yorkshire multiplex operator MuxCo says it hopes "further services will join when the [main regional] MXR Yorkshire multiplex closes in July 2015".

The multiplex of local DAB services will appear on VHF frequency block 10C. Once the multiplex is live, listeners will be able to rescan their DAB digital radios.

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