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ITV/STV/UTV: Satellite manual tuning by frequency

Last updated: 11/07/2018

Use the information on this page to find all ITV and STV channel 3 services on satellite. Sky, Freesat or generic free-to-air satellite receivers can be manually tuned to receive an ITV or STV region of your choice.

Before you start:
  • If you have a standard Sky or Freesat dish and receiver installed in the UK or Republic of Ireland, you're ready to go. For all others: this information assumes your dish can receive signals from the Astra 2 satellite cluster (28.2 degrees East).
  • Use the different parameters listed below, such as "frequency" and "symbol rate" to tune your receiver. Multiple ITV services are broadcast together on the same frequency. Here's how to manually tune Sky or SkyQ boxes using the information listed below.
  • Most ITV regions are now simply labelled "ITV", so if your satellite receiver can't tell you the Service ID number for the channel and your receiver does not provide you with a TV guide for the service, you will need to wait until the next regional news bulletin to identify the service.  
  • Symbol rates may appear differently on some receivers. For example "23000" becomes "23.0 Mbaud" on Sky receivers.

High Definition tuning details
Many, but not all ITV and STV regions are now available free-to-air in HD. But ITV offshoot channels, such as ITV4 are encrypted. Here is a list of ITV HD services in frequency order:

Astra 2G, Frequency 11053
Polarisation: Horizontal
Mode:         DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol Rate:  23000 (23.0 Mbaud)
FEC:          3/4

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV2 HD (pay TV)       20710
ITV Wales HD           20730
ITV Granada HD         20740
ITV Tyne Tees HD       20750
ITV South West HD  ^   20760
ITV West HD  ^         20770

Astra 2G, Frequency 11068
Polarisation: Vertical
Mode:         DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol Rate:  23000 (23.0 Mbaud)
FEC:          3/4

Channel/Region    Service ID
STV Central West HD    20800
UTV HD                 20810
ITV Box Office HD(pay) 20825
ITV Anglia E HD        20840
ITV Border England HD  20850

Astra 2G, Frequency 11097
Polarisation: Vertical
Mode:         DVB-S2, 8PSK
Symbol Rate:  23000 (23.0 Mbaud)
FEC:          3/4

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV London HD          21000
ITV Meridian SE HD     21020
ITV Central West HD    21030
ITV Yorks W HD         21040
ITV 3 HD   (pay TV)    21050
ITV 4 HD   (pay TV)    21060

Standard Definition tuning details
All ITV and STV regions are available in standard definition via satellite. ITV offshoot channels (except ITV Encore) are available free-to-air in standard definition format. Here is a listing in frequency order:

Astra 2E, Frequency  10758
Polarisation: Vertical
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
Symbol Rate:  22000
FEC:          5/6

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV London             10060
ITV Granada            10080
ITV Anglia East        10090
ITV+1 Anglia East      10091
ITV Central West       10100
ITV+1 Meridian SE      10101
ITV2                   10070
CITV                   10071
ITV4                   10072
ITV4+1                 10073
ITVBe                  10075                        

Astra 2E, Frequency 10891
Polarisation: Horizontal
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
Symbol Rate:  22000 
FEC:          5/6

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV Border (Engl.)     10120
ITV+1 West^            10125
ITV Tyne Tees          10130
ITV Meridian South     10140
ITV+1 Central West     10145
ITV Meridian SE        10150
ITV+1 London           10155
ITV Yorkshire West     10160
ITVBe+1                10139
ITV2+1                 10165

Astra 2E, Frequency 10906
Polarisation: Vertical
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
Symbol Rate:  22000
FEC:          5/6

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV Channel Television 10200
STV North (Aberdeen)   10210
STV Central West (Glas)10220
STV Central East (Edin)10221
STV North (Dundee)     10225
UTV                    10230
UTV+1                  10231
ITV South West^        10240
ITV+1 Granada          10255
ITV3                   10260
ITV3+1                 10261

Astra 2E, Frequency 10994
Polarisation: Horizontal
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
Symbol Rate:  22000
FEC:          5/6

Channel/Region    Service ID
ITV Meridian Thames V. 12101
ITV+1 Tyne Tees        12105
ITV Anglia West        12110
ITV Yorkshire East     12120
ITV Border (Scotland)  12130
ITV Central East       12145
ITV Wales              12150
ITV+1 Wales            12155
ITV+1 Yorkshire        12165
ITV West^              12170
ITV+1 South West^      12175

^ "West" and "South West" refer to the Channel 3 services for the former Westcountry and HTV West regions. Since 1st January 2015, the two regions are brought together under one Channel 3 licence and are now licensed as one primary region with two sub-regions. In September 2016, Ofcom accepted a request by ITV regarding the official service name of the satellite simulcasts of these stations, which is reflected here. "West" is the former HTV West region, centred around Bristol, covering Gloucestershire to Somerset, plus parts of Wiltshire. "South West" is the former Westcountry region, mainly covering Devon, Cornwall and West Dorset.

Please note that STV (for Central and Northern Scotland) does not have a +1 version on satellite.

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