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ITV shuffles channels around on satellite

ITV is currently moving some of its services delivered via satellite to new frequencies, as it maximises use of its satellite bandwidth.

Most Sky and Freesat viewers are unaffected by the changes, but viewers who want to see a different regional version of the main ITV channel, or want to see programmes on STV or UTV HD may now need to retune their satellite receiver to continue watching their alternative "channel 3" service.

This week's international football friendly between Scotland and England prompted numerous queries from viewers wanting either to access ITV HD in Central and Northern Scotland, or STV HD in Southern Scotland and elsewhere in the UK via satellite*, including some who had recently lost access to these services following this month's frequency changes.

The latest ITV/STV/UTV satellite frequencies are listed on this page. Satellite reception of these free-to-air services is limited to the British Isles and limited overspill into parts of continental Europe.

Sky viewers can manually tune other channels via the Add Channel option in the services menu. Freesat viewers can access "non-Freesat mode", usually found in the system menu (varies dependent on make and model).

Some Sky HD receivers can't be manually tuned to ITV/STV/UTV HD services until they have received the software update R010, which also includes the latest version of Sky's Electronic Programme Guide. The roll-out of the update is well underway, with many boxes having been recently updated. Thomson Sky HD boxes will not be upgraded with the latest software update, which also affects other new functions being introduced by Sky - affected viewers may want to contact Sky for a replacement.

Freesat users who have lost ITV on channel 103 should turn their receiver off so that it can perform an update. Turn back on after 2 minutes. If you still have issues, you may need to do a Freesat scan on your receiver.

*ITV HD is officially available in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. STV has the right to transmit a channel 3 service in the rest of Scotland.

  • In a separate development, ITVBe, the new female-skewed lifestyle and reality channel from ITV has launched in HD on Virgin Media, where a +1 timeshift is also available. Both ITVBe HD and +1 are expected to be made available on Sky in the future.


  1. I'm glad you've reported the changes that ITV have made, as King of Sat (who I have reported the changes to) and FlySat haven't. LyngSat however have reported the changes.


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