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How to do manual tuning on Sky

(for Sky UK/Ireland viewers)
You can access additional services on a Sky box by adding them manually to your box.

Please note: these instructions do not apply to Sky Q boxes, which is more restricted.

Such services generally include regional services from elsewhere in the UK, e.g. to watch football on ITV HD in Northern Scotland or to be able to watch the news from Wales in London. Please note that BBC regional services are found at the bottom of the channel list (in the 900s) for Sky UK users.

Adding other channels on Sky:
  • Press 'services' button, go to Options, press down then select the Add Channels tab.
  • Enter the transmission parameters found on the a516digital manual tuning pages [links below] (frequency, polarisation, Mbaud etc). Navigate using the arrow keys on the remote.
  • When finished press yellow.
  • After a moment, a selection of channels found by the receiver appears.
  • For every new channel you want to store, highlight the channel and press
    yellow. A tick appears next to the channel name.
  • Press select to complete the task and save the channels you've added.
Please note that a software update, which took place during the autumn of 2014 was not applied to some older Sky HD boxes, so it is not possible to manually tune in some HD channels on older boxes.

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