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How can I get Film4+1 on Freeview?

From lunchtime on the 10th January 2019, Film4+1 is changing frequencies on Freeview.

In order to watch Film4+1 on channel 45, you will need to retune your TV after 12:00 noon on 10th January 2019.

For Freeview HD/Freeview Play users after 12:00 10/01/2019:
Until 10th January 2019, Film4+1 was only available on newer Freeview devices. The old version has been deleted.  If you could receive Film4+1 before 10th January 2019 but are now missing it you will need to  do a full retune. If your TV has an 'add channels' option in the menu, don't use this - you will need to do a full retune, otherwise Film4+1 may appear in the 800s instead of on channel 45.

If you need help tuning your TV, you can call Freeview for support. Details here.

Updated 10/01/2019