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How can I get Film4+1 on Freeview?

Key points:
  • It broadcasts on channel 45
  • Not all receivers can tune in to the service.
  • If your TV can tune into BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD on Freeview (channels 101 & 104), you should be able to get Film4+1.

Since November 2014, Film4+1 is broadcast terrestrially as part of the signal that also carries Channel 4 HD. If you have a device that can't receive Channel 4 HD on channel 104, then Film4+1 won't be available. The main Film4 service is still available to all on channel 15.

If you have a Freeview HD device that can pick up Channel 4 HD on channel 104, but you still can't get Film4+1 on channel 45, you need to retune. Film4+1 is broadcast from every Freeview transmitter in the UK. Many Freeview HD devices do retune automatically, but some devices may have placed Film4+1 at the bottom of the channel list (around channel 800), but a full rescan usually sorts this. If you're unsure about retuning, check the Freeview website for more information.

Devices with this logo can tune into Film4+1
To get Film4+1...
You need a device with the Freeview HD logo (not HD ready), although Film4+1 is actually only in standard definition. This is because the way HD channels are broadcast on Freeview and the fact that Film4+1 is bundled together with Channel 4 HD. A YouView box should also be able to pick up Film4+1.

More services will only be available on Freeview HD compatible devices in the future...
During the course of the next decade, more and more services are liable to switch to the broadcast standard used for HD, even if in standard definition, as it allows broadcasters the potential to offer more standard definition channels on fewer frequencies, which is important as Ofcom plans to offer a further chunk of TV frequencies to mobile network operators from the beginning of the next decade. Therefore viewers are advised to consider buying equipment with the Freeview HD logo.

Freeview channels in your area
The official Freeview channel coverage checker from Digital UK shows which channels are available in your area: visit for further information.


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