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Children's TV makes a return to BBC Two

Children's programmes are making a reappearance on BBC Two from Saturday 29th November 2014, almost two years after CBBC and CBeebies were booted off the main two BBC channels.

First schedules published for the 29th November show BBC Two screening five hours of children's programming on Saturday morning from 6am, starting with CBeebies' Timmy Time and CBBC's Shawn the Sheep. BBC Two will be showing a double bill of Junior Masterchef from 9am and a double bill of Deadly Pole to Pole with Steve Backshall from 10am.

Children's programmes are currently only scheduled for Saturday, but go head-to-head with ITV's limited children's programming at weekend breakfast time.

Following digital switchover, the BBC decided to end children's programming on both BBC One and BBC Two, with the final weekday afternoon strand of children's programmes broadcast on the 21st December 2012.

Earlier this year, research commissioned by the BBC Trust revealed that the average age of BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four viewers was around 60 and appealing to an increasingly narrower section of the UK population. Only BBC Three, which faces closure in late 2015 bucked the trend.

BBC Two has since started to pick up programmes from BBC Three, including Russell Howard's Good News, Backchat with Jack Whitehall and Hair, presented by Steve Jones. If anything, the move to include CBBC and BBC Three programmes will help bring the average age down a bit...


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