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Trash Can added to DAB

Trash Can Radio has become the latest new station to join the local DAB service covering Surrey and South London. The station describes itself as the home of "trashy Rock’n’Roll, Old School Rhythm & Blues, Punk, Ska, Rockabilly, 60s Garage punk and all other kinds of pure trash music."

Its website proclaims "We got the DJs who live and breath the raw and trashy side of Rock’n’Roll, including Eric and King Salami from  the Dirty Water Club, London’s premier Garagepunk venue, Andy Roberts from BBC Wales, for some real R&B, Peter Perrett from Only Ones, and members of garage stalwarts “The Cannibals” for the trashiest, dirtiest Rock’n’Roll to blast your ears off.

"We cover South London with 5 million potential listeners and our reach extends even to north of the Thames, you may receive our broadcasts even in Shoreditch!"

The launch follows several delays; earlier reports suggested the station was due to launch first in September, then earlier in October.


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