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Share Radio gets Ofcom approval to launch

Ofcom has published details of forthcoming new radio station Share Radio, which has the regulator's permission to go live on DAB in London from 4th November 2014.

Share Radio will predominantly be speech-based "with a focus on personal money and investment and offering listeners information and guidance on such matters." There is the option for what is described as "additional light music content."

The Telegraph's City Diary briefly mentioned the impending arrival of the station on 6th August 2014, reporting that the station, set up by Gavin Oldham, is "designed as a wake-up call to help listeners make “more informed” financial decisions on issues from investments to car insurance."

The service will launch as an additional station on the London 3 DAB multiplex, alongside existing services such as Absolute Classic Rock and Fun Kids.

UPDATE 04/11/2014: The station went live on London 3 this morning. You may need to rescan your DAB radio to get the new addition.


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