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RTÉ postpones longwave switch-off

Irish broadcaster RTÉ has postponed the switch-off of its longwave service until 19 January 2015, with a delegation from RTĖ visiting the UK next week to meet with organisations to  see "if there is a better solution to the long wave issue".

RTÉ had previously announced that it would be ceasing its service from the Clarkstown long wave transmitter on 27 October and migrating RTĖ Radio 1 to digital platforms. But listeners in the UK would have fewer ways to listen, especially in-car.

Managing Director of RTĖ Radio, Jim Jennings said the decision to cease any RTÉ public service is not something that RTÉ takes lightly or without serious consideration, according to a report by RTĖ News today.

He said: "We know that such decisions affect audiences who enjoy and rely on RTÉ's services."However, we also know that the public expect us to manage our operations and services efficiently and evolve our services as technology changes and audiences adapt."

Irish Bishops had previously complained about the switch-off proposals, as the service on 252 kHz carries religious programmes on Sunday mornings.


  1. I wonder if they will do a very limited national UK service on DVB say as a weekend service?

  2. I think RTE has severely underestimated the effect of switching off this service. I listened to Jim Jennings yesterday on RTE Radio 1 and some of the information he was giving out for accessing RTE radio 1 in Britain and parts of Northern Ireland other than on longwave was plain wrong. You would normally expect a much better performance from the MD!

    1. Buy an internet radio and get all nine RTE radio channels in stereo or simply plug in the RTE smart phone app to play through your car's sound system and listen while on the move.
      There is one sad thing about the demise of 252 kHz long wave. The transmitter was upgraded for DRM digital AM and RTE did run overnight tests some time ago. I think the digital AM stereo concept will remain within the Americas, unfortunately!

    2. The problem with a Internet Radio is that although as you say you (and I) can get all nine RTE radio channels in stereo on it, you have of course to have a Internet connection, many of the people who listen to 252 Long Wave are older and do not have the Internet. As far as DRM is, it never really took off, its been a struggle with DAB, however that is getting better, but just forget about DRM


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