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Applicants for next round of Local TV licence awards revealed

Ofcom has published a list of applicants for the next round of local TV licence awards, which could see more local TV stations launching on Freeview and YouView in Aberdeen, Ayr, Carlisle, Dundee, Inverness and Stoke on Trent.

Each location has one applicant, in contrast to the earlier local TV licensing rounds which saw multiple applicants fight for licences. This means that providing the applicants meet Ofcom's basic criteria, they are more or less guaranteed to be awarded a licence.

As previously announced by STV last week, the Central and Northern Scottish Channel 3 licence holder has applied for three local TV licences covering Aberdeen, Ayr and Dundee.

Aberdeen's application has been made under the name "Around Aberdeen". Ayr's proposed service name is "Ayrshire Today" and Dundee's application is for a service called "View from the Bridges". STV's current two local TV licences - for Glasgow and Edinburgh - ditched their original application names and are now known as STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.

Inverness is the only Scottish location where STV has not bid for a licence. Here, the Moray Firth Media Trust, based at local commercial radio station MFR, proposes to launch a service called "ICTV".

In the Stoke on Trent area, Bay TV, which already has won licences for Liverpool, Mold (NE Wales) and Swansea is proposing to link up with Staffordshire University to launch Bay TV Stoke, for viewers in range of the Fenton Freeview transmitter.

Carlisle's bid is led by That's TV and has a proposed service name of "That's Carlisle". That's Media has already won licences to operate local TV at numerous locations in southern England. Earlier this week, Cumbria's News & Star newspaper reported that the Carlisle bid is a joint bid between three organisations - Cumbria TV, Carvetii Media and That’s TV -  and is backed by former Border TV employees.

Should licences be successfully awarded, viewers in these areas will also be able to receive two extra Freeview channels - currently QVC Extra and children's channel POP on Freeview, broadcast alongside the local TV signal, which would be provided by local TV multiplex operator Comux.

The local TV channels would appear on Freeview channel 8 in Carlisle and Stoke and channel 23 in Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee and Inverness. Most of these local TV services are not expected on air until late 2015/ early 2016.


  1. Its likely that the channels run by STV will be ok as they will be backed by the main STV service, this could mean they outlast all the others and I wouldnt be surprised to hear later down the line that the other local Scottish TV services will end up in STV's hands very cheaply!
    In fact STV could link all their local TV stations together showing some content on all the local channels at once and then show the required minimum local content on each different local channel!

    1. That's how itv should have worked. We shouldn't even need the local TV network!


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