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iPlayer extends catch-up time

The long awaited boost to the catch-up viewing and listening window for BBC programmes on the iPlayer has arrived, with audiences given 30 days to catch-up on BBC TV and radio programmes.

The 30 day catch-up arrives just in time for gangster drama Peaky Blinders, the second series of hit BBC drama The Fall, Human Universe and Detectorists on BBC iPlayer and drama such as The Archers, Once and Future King, Good Omens and comedy Just A Minute on BBC iPlayer Radio, all of which will benefit from this extended availability period.

Previously, only a few programmes were available for longer than the original 7 day window as part of a series catch-up service. As recently as July when BBC iPlayer went down over a whole weekend, the 7 day window could not be extended, meaning viewers missing out on catching up on some shows. Rights issues associated with extending the catch-up period on most shows has now been addressed.

Tony Hall, Director-General, BBC, said: “BBC iPlayer pioneered online viewing. It is recognised as not just the first, but the best service of its type in the world. It offers amazing value. But we want to go further. That’s why we began reinventing iPlayer earlier this year with a brand new redesign and features. Extending the catch up window to 30 days now makes the best value on-demand service even better. We have a fantastic autumn schedule and the public will now have more opportunities to watch the shows they love.”

Ralph Rivera, Director of Future Media, BBC, said: “There is a huge demand to make programmes available for longer on BBC iPlayer – as we continue to see people search for their favourite programmes after the seven day catch-up window. Whether it’s on the bus on their mobile – or on their tablet in bed at night, I’m really pleased that we’re able to give our audiences longer to watch and listen than ever before.”

Importantly, the 30 day window doesn't yet apply to downloads as opposed to the normal streaming service. The extended timeframe hasn't yet been implemented on YouView or Virgin Media.


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