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BBC opens up TV and Radio listings archive

Ever wanted to know what was on BBC TV or Radio on a particular date? Now that job has been made easier with the public launch of the Radio Times archive.

The project to provide the Radio Times archive online - known as Genome - covers the years from 1923 to 2009. More recent programme information is already found on the BBC programme pages.

Blogging on the BBC website, Hilary Bishop - Editor, Archive Development, BBC Archive and Jake Berger -Programme Manager, Digital Public Space said: "Our aim on this project is to curate a comprehensive history of every radio and TV programme ever broadcast by the corporation, and make that available to the public.

"Our first step has been this digitisation of the BBC radio and TV programme schedules from the Radio Times magazine; the next phase of the project is to incorporate what was actually broadcast, as well as the regional and national variations.  It’s one of the most important steps we’re taking to begin unlocking the BBC’s archive, as Genome is the closest we currently have to a comprehensive broadcast history of the BBC."

The BBC is asking members of the public to help improve the information, as some of the scans produced errors and the Radio Times doesn't reflect late schedule changes. Therefore users can submit an edit, which will be validated.

The Genome archive is exclusively restricted to BBC channels, although the Radio Times did start carrying commercial TV and radio listings from March 1991. The Radio Times was sold by the BBC to Immediate Media in 2011.



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