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About leaving comments on a516digital  
On some pages, users signed in to Google can leave comments. Some comments will not appear immediately if they have been automatically referred for moderation. Provided the comment does not fall under the categories listed below, it will be added to the page as soon as possible.

In many cases, there is a routine period, ranging from 7 to 14 days from the publishing of an article to make a comment.

The following types of comment are not permitted: Some comments, including, but not limited to abusive, racist and libellous comments are not tolerated and will be deleted. Users can report offensive comments using the contact box by visiting this page. Off topic comments, spam messages and comments used to link to a commercial website will be subject to deletion as will comments pointing users to illegal or pirated streaming services. Don't post copyrighted material. Comments may be removed at the discretion of a516digital. Please be aware that your comments are in line with Google's policy on your use of their services.

Social media: You can also comment or contact a516digital via facebook.com/a516digital or Twitter @a516digital, subject to the terms and conditions of these social media outlets.

FACEBOOK COMMENTS (30/07/15): a516digital has been piloting Facebook comments, where users logged into Facebook can leave comments. Following the pilot, the facility has been disabled, however you can continue to leave comments using a Google account under the Blogger comments tab - for users with Gmail addresses, for example (Your email address is not published.)
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