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TVPlayer: what goes on behind the scenes?

CASE STUDY As TVPlayer launches on connected Freeview devices, what goes on behind the scenes to enable the service to reach your screens?

LDeX provides crucial infrastructure for the service
TVPlayer's operator, Simplestream required a data centre able to handle its requirements, and it needed to centralise its operations, having won a significant amount of new business from large clients, including a number of global and UK broadcasters which are present on the TVPlayer service. To help them achieve this, LDeX was approached to provide these services.

LDeX's satellite downlinking capabilities provides the crucial link in providing the live streams you see on TVPlayer.

Simplestream needed to be confident that the datacentre operator it chose would have no outages, with strong service level agreements in place around uptime in order to prevent service disruption. As well as this, it had to have a reliable power connection to its servers and racks and a robust infrastructure.

For Simplestream, LDeX was the ideal choice: Situated on Staples Corner with a 5MVA capacity, the LDeX datacentre facility is located in close proximity to Simplestream’s headquarters. To add to this, it is away from any flight paths or flood plains which is of crucial importance for business continuity purposes.

In a year where most major broadcasters have experiences problems with their internet service, Simplestream has experienced no issues to date with outages, and has 24/7/365 access to LDeX technical and senior management teams, meaning any issues can be ironed out swiftly. LDeX in turn is experienced in streaming satellite services over the internet.

Simplestream currently works with 80 broadcasters, including BskyB, Box Television, Turner broadcasting, Viacom International Media Networks and A+E Networks UK.