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Spotlight switched off by power cut

Usual regional programming on BBC One in the South West had to be suspended from lunchtime on Tuesday after a power cut took the BBC's building in Plymouth offline.

Since then, viewers in the south west have been receiving regional news from the Points West team from Bristol.

Last night, the Bristol team took over the main 6:30pm regional news slot with a joint programme with dual branding for both of the two BBC regions (pictured above). BBC Channel Islands, which usually opts midway into Spotlight also joined the joint programme from BBC Bristol.

BBC West weather presenter Alina Jenkins ensured viewers in the south west didn't miss out on their weather with an extended weather map covering the temporarily enlarged broadcast region.

Spotlight was unable to broadcast on Wednesday morning during BBC Breakfast, but hopes to be back on air at lunchtime.

The power cut also temporarily affected BBC Radio Devon on FM on Tuesday.

An update to the article first published 23/09/2014.


  1. Pleased to confirm that viewers in the south west and Channel Islands have been able to watch regional news for their areas on BBC One this evening after over 24 hours of tech troubles at BBC Plymouth. Spotlight has been coming from Bristol today, but as a separate programme to Points West.


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