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Sheffield local TV goes live today

Local TV starts in Sheffield today with the launch of Sheffield Live TV on Freeview and YouView channel 8 from Sheffield's Crosspool TV transmitter on Tapton Hill.

Sheffield Live TV promises to broadcast news about Sheffield alongside programmes covering Sheffield music, sport, culture and more. It launches at 6:30pm

Last month it was reported that Sheffield Live's operator, Sheffield Community Media Ltd, had raised £160,000 through community shares and social investment commitments, passing its fundraising target by £10,000. It says the initiative to put the TV channel into community ownership is "the first of its kind in the UK media sector enabling Sheffield people, businesses and voluntary organisations to participate as investors in a society to support local community media."

The channel will also appear on Virgin Media channel 159 and the internet.

A future, second transmitter at Grenoside to reach Freeview and YouView households who have their aerials pointing at West Yorkshire's Emley Moor tower has been given the green light, which will expand coverage to more households in Sheffield, a city where the local geography means some households receive their TV signal from a range of transmitters.

Sheffield terrestrial (Freeview) coverage area.

A retune may be required to add the channel on Freeview as the channel was added after the big 3rd September Freeview retune. Manual retuners will find the local TV service on UHF channel 55 from the Tapton Hill mast (also known as the Crosspool transmitter).

  • The channel's website is where you can find out more about the channel and what it will be showing.

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