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Now TV hikes prices from October

Sky's entry-level internet streaming service Now TV has confirmed it is increasing the price of its Entertainment Pass to £6.99 a month from next month.

The price rise was originally planned to occur in May, but was put on hold. Now TV says that the Entertainment Pass will renew at £6.99 instead of £4.99 from 16th October 2014.

No reason was given for the suspension of the price rise back in May, but the announcement coincided with technical problems that left Game of Thrones fans unable to watch the cult TV series via the service.

In the meantime, Now TV has added content from Nickleodeon, Nick Jr and ITV Encore to its monthly Entertainment Pass, which also provides access to channels including Sky One, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Comedy Central and Discovery.

Movie Pass users will also bit by a price rise from £8.99 to £9.99 - althought at launch in 2012, Now TV charged £15 a month. Sport Pass prices are unchanged.

 TV particularly targets Freeview viewers, who are able to add and stream some of the main pay TV channels on a month-by-month basis as a complement to their existing Freeview channel line-up. The service was initially developed as somewhat of a standalone service to Sky's main satellite offering, offering customers the chance to access Sky content without a contract.

Increasingly, access to Sky channels via Now TV is marketed as an option alongside satellite subscription offers, with access to Now TV available as part of a bundle for Sky Broadband customers and marketing information showing the Now TV offer alongside satellite TV subscription deals. The service is generally marketed in conjunction with the Now TV box, a small box connected to a TV and broadband internet connection, although the service (or versions thereof) can be accessed via a number of games consoles, LG smart TVs and other devices.

At the time of writing, most customers joining Sky Broadband can add Now TV's Entertainment Pass for £12.50 a month on a 12 month contract - consisting broadband for £7.50 a month, Now TV Entertainment Pass for £5.00. A price rise of the Entertainment Pass to £9.99 a month is built in from month 13, once the initial contract period is over. Those who opt for fibre also get a version of this deal, but are tied into a 18 month contract, which then incorporates the higher prices from month 13. However, a current deal that offers Sky Broadband (non-Fibre) for free for 12 months (See the Sky site for full details, terms and conditions) means it might be cheaper to have Now TV on its own. A broadband connection over 2.5 Mbps is needed

As always, deals come and go, and interested customers should check the Sky website and price comparison websites for more on the current deals and importantly, their terms, conditions and availability.


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