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Irish Music added to Bonanza channel as service joins Freesat

Canis Television & Media has announced a partnership deal with Ireland West Music TV, which will see Irish music land on the new Bonanza Bonanza channel on digital satellite.

Programmes from Monday to Thursday nights at 10pm will feature Irish and American country music and will sit alongside Bonanza's usual mix of vintage US westerns, dramas and comedies.

Meanwhile it was also confirmed that the channel will be distributed on Freesat channel 157 from 13th October 2014. It is already available on Sky channel 266.

Canis Television & Media CEO Clare Bramley said: “This partnership is the first phase of a structured plan to make Bonanza Bonanza a quality entertainment channel. The Canis team has already established the core element of cult TV for the channel and are pleased to be adding highly successful elements to boost its appeal.

“Ireland West Music TV is already a very successful programme and we are excited they have joined our ever expanding business group. Advertisers are equally excited with the return of Bonanza Bonanza and are looking forward to delivering their campaign across a wider audience such as Ireland and the US markets.”

Paul Claffey, CEO Ireland West Music TV, said: “Entering the TV market two years ago was a brave step but one that has proven successful having built up a loyal viewership in Ireland and across the UK.

“The move to Canis Television & Media’s channel Bonanza Bonanza now offers us exciting opportunities to expand our presence in TV. The Bonanza Bonanza channel will very much compliment the various music genre we will broadcast in the coming months."

Ireland West Music TV has until now been broadcast on Showcase TV on Sky and Freesat.


  1. Fantastic news, hope the channel will also come to Freeview and show some more classics. Here are some suggestions like Wagon Train, Rawhide, Cheyenne, Virginian, early Gunsmoke, One Step Beyond, Twilight Zone, Laurel and Hardy, The Munsters, SGT Bilko, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Mister ED, Lost in Space, Lassie, Fugitive, Dr Kildare, Perry Mason and endless more that are rarely if ever seen on mainstream tv.


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