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Fault affects BBC TV and DAB services

A major fault affecting some BBC TV and DAB digital radio services earlier today.

The problem caused dropouts on some services. The BBC apologised to viewers and listeners stating they are looking to resolve the issues quickly.

The issues were blamed on a fault within Vodafone's network; Vodafone being one of the different private companies that support the distribution of TV and radio services from various broadcasters to the public.

The first reports from affected listeners and viewers started coming in from the Devon area at breakfast time, but reports started to become more widespread, covering more of the BBC's outlets.

Another reception problem
Today's reception problems are not linked to yesterday's Freeview retune, which has created difficulties for viewers whose receivers have been incorrectly retuned.

There are some indications that viewers who have poor reception after retuning have Freeview TVs or boxes that have stored signals from a different transmitter. Some devices store whatever version of e.g. BBC One they scan first, even it's not the strongest signal. A tell-tale sign is the appearance of duplicated, yet more reliable versions of channels in the 800 channel range. In some cases, viewers in marginal reception areas have lost services due to current atmospheric conditions.

A manual retune may assist to resolve the problem, although in some cases, the existing channel list has been wiped.

Digital UK has further information on retuning and manual tuning at


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