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DAB+ tests commence in Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool area

Listeners in parts of Cheshire, Merseyside and North East Wales are invited to search out a new test station, which is broadcasting in the new DAB+ standard.

MuxCo's Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex, which carries local radio stations including Dee on DAB is home to a DAB+ test, which sees children's radio station Fun Kids on air alongside radio stations broadcast in 'original flavour' DAB.

Only radios compatible with the DAB+ standard will be able to receive the service, labelled "FunKids+".

The test aims to measure listener response to see how many people pick it up and what radios they are listening on; to observe any implications of running DAB+ and original DAB services side-by-side and also to note any reception differences, especially in marginal reception areas.

Announcing the test on the Folder Media blog, Folder Media and MuxCo Creative Director Matt Deegan said: "We continue to be big believers in DAB because it’s the easiest way for new radio stations to reach large numbers of people. At Folder, we’ll continue to find new ways to make it easier for radio stations to reach all of these listeners and things like this DAB+ test will increase our knowledge that we can share with the rest of the industry."


  1. What they really mean is, DAB+ will allow them to cram twice as many low sound quality stations into a single multiplex.

  2. I've not noticed anything unusual or detrimental when tuning between DAB and DAB+ stations in Dublin. I can't think why anyone should notice anything different on this Mux?

  3. There is concern that radios which can't handle DAB+ (like mine) will misbehave due to the presence of DAB+ channels in the multiplex. Obviously they won't be able to play them, but can they still play the standard DAB channels? And how will the user know which channels the radio finds during autotune are DAB+ and hence not playable?

    1. Dublin has DAB+ and DAB stations side by side and as I said I'm not aware of any problems. Will someone please explain why these "engineers" are wasting their time and our money by not asking questions of other countries which are already using a dual DAB system? The same system is present in Rome and when I was there with a non-DAB+ radio I had no problem with only DAB stations - the DAB+ stations just didn't show up on the dial, the radio did not underperform and there was no drop out. What exactly are these people carrying out trials for?? Perhaps their next trial will be to see AM signals fry your ears !!!

  4. These are exactly the concerns that are being addressed during the DAB+ test.


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