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Children's channel POP prepares for wider Freeview availability

Changes in the availability of children's channel POP on Freeview look set to bring the channel to further householders with either Freeview or YouView.

A placeholder for the timeshift version of the channel has appeared across most of the UK on channel 76, 48 hours before it moves to channel 126 as part of wider changes to the Freeview service on the afternoon of the 3rd September.

Until now, POP+1 has only been distributed in the Manchester area on Freeview channel 76. Once POP+1 is live, it will reach around 90% of the UK population, sharing bandwidth on the multiplex that carries Sky News, Challenge and Dave on Freeview.

The main POP service, on channel 75 (moving to channel 125 on 3rd September) is currently carried on the local TV multiplex, broadcast to households in the coverage area of a current or forthcoming local TV service. As the current arrangement will lead to more viewers receiving the timeshift channel rather than the main channel, it is not known if this arrangement will change.

POP is part of a bouquet of channels recently acquired by Sony Pictures Television after the company purchased CSC Media Group. Sister channels include Movies4Men, True Entertainment and Chart Show TV.

Freeview Retune Day: 3rd September 2014
The changes on the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd September is the culmination of several changes on Freeview, also affecting YouView viewers.

News and children's channels move from channels 70-85 to a range between 120-136. Additionally, further changes are tagged on:
  • Quest+1, Kiss, Kiss Fresh, Kisstory, Kerrang and Magic are changing frequency. Services commenced the move on Monday 1st September. Retuning on 3rd September will ensure the channels remain available. 
  • Placeholders have appeared for ITVBe (channel 26), truTV+1 (channel 69), CBS Action (channel 90), and for Freeview HD and YouView box owners who can already receive channels 106-111, an as yet unidentified channel on channel 136. These services will appear when viewers do a retune from the afternoon of 3rd September.  (Some devices will add the channels automatically.) There is no need to go out of the way to retune before all the changes are made.
  • FAQ: Freeview Retune Day


  1. When will POP+1 (126) be broadcast on BT Vision? It shows in TV Guide and lists programmes being broadcast but when you click on it it says 'channel not currently being broadcast'.

  2. The same time as it appears on Freeview, which at present is unknown.

  3. I live in Cornwall and still haven't got Pop on my T.V. I've got Pop +1 but only from 15:00 to 19:00.

    My Freeview box had already removed the old Channels and repalced 70 as CBS Action.

    When will Pop be available in the southwest of England.

    1. Please see the FAQs at
      In a nutshell, as local TV isn't available in the South West (no-one wanted to launch a service in Plymouth), POP, which uses bandwidth alongside local TV, will not be available on Freeview in your area.


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