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Update - Bonanza Channel returns; this time on Sky

Classic TV channel Bonanza Bonanza is back on UK TV screens, this time on Sky.

The channel, which is operated by Canis Media, and acts as a holding channel, showcases classic US TV shows from the 50s and 60s. It's available on Sky channel 266.

It ran on Freeview in local TV coverage areas between February and the end of April this year as a temporary channel until spare capacity on the local TV multiplex was sold to commercial operators, and many viewers wrote to a516digital mourning its demise when it was withdrawn.

update 17/09/2014 12:11
Canis Media has confirmed that the channel will be a permanent fixture, instead of temporarily holding capacity, as has previously been the case.

The Bonanza channel Manual tuning details for viewers with a dish pointing at the Astra 2 satellites at 28 degrees East: Frequency: 12.515 Polarisation: H, Symbol Rate: 22.000, FEC: 5/6