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Why is local TV not available in my area?

Local TV is only being licensed by Ofcom in areas where all three of the following apply:
  • Areas where there is a suitable, spare frequency to transmit the service on Freeview to viewers in the respective town or city
  • Areas where there has been interest from an organisation to run a local TV service.
  • Areas where such a service has been deemed viable.
In some places, such as Derby or Leicester, there are insufficient frequencies to be able to broadcast a local TV service on Freeview. The cities in this example are partially covered by more than one transmitter, and it's not possible to find a frequency to beam the service towards either of the cities from the regional transmitters without causing interference to other services.

The frequencies used for local TV are officially called "interleaved spectrum" - frequencies that aren't in use by another transmitter in range located amidst the frequencies used by the transmitters that are in range of the city. Usually, the frequencies are only clear for local TV services in a small area, which is why many local TV services only have a limited range.

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