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TalkTalk adds A+E channels

A+E Networks and TalkTalk have struck a deal that will enable TalkTalk YouView viewers to access Lifetime, History,  H2 and Crime & Investigation from the end of August.

Lifetime and H2 will be available to viewers with TalkTalk's Entertainment or Entertainment Extra Boost packages from the 28th. History and C&I will be available via the Entertainment Extra Boost. The channels form part of the internet delivered element of the YouView service, which combines internet TV with Freeview.

The channels will debut to all viewers on the 30th August as part of an open weekend.

Programmes from the channels will also be available on catch up TV.

Last week, TalkTalk announced that it would also be bringing BoxNation and Premier Sports to the platform.

TalkTalk YouView viewers have previously missed out on getting Lifetime, History, H2 and C&I because YouView boxes don't support the independent VuTV pay TV service which offers these channels and appears on channel 238.

BT already offers History and C&I via its own YouView service, where they appear on channels 432 and 433 in standard definition and channels 452 and 453 in HD. Lifetime and H2 are absent from BT's offering.

TalkTalk TV:

Phone Line

Broadband, Calls and TV package


Packages required for these channels

Line Rental
(£15.95 a month)
Saver option available.

Essentials TV
includes Eve/Weekend landline calls, basic YouView box and unlimited broadband
£4.25 a month for first six months, then £8.50

Fibre broadband upgrade
£5 for first six months, then £10.

Entertainment Boost
(Lifetime and H2) 
£5 for first two months, then £10.


Entertainment Extra Boost
(History and C&I, plus Lifetime and H2) 
£7.50 for the first two months, then £15.

Plus TV
 includes Anytime landline calls, plus YouView box with 200 hours recording time for Freeview channels and unlimited broadband
£9.25 a month for first six months, then £18.50

*fibre broadband may be required in some areas where a normal broadband line isn’t fast enough for the TV service.
NOTE: pricing and tariff information as at 19/08/2014. See for full details of packages and boosts, latest offers and pricing information.


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