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Sky offers 7 day pay-as-you-go Sky Sports pass via Now TV

Sky's internet streaming service Now TV is to offer a weekly Sky Sports pass from Thursday, bringing pay-as-you-go access to all Sky Sports down to under £11 a week for a promotional period.

Now TV is set to offer Sky Sports for £10.99 for seven days, subsequently rising to £14.99 a week from the end of November 2014.

Sky Sports has until now only been available on Now TV via a Day Pass costing £9.99. The Day Pass will continue to be available with Sky confirming that it will be reduced to £6.99 per day from Thursday 14th August through until 27th November.

The new weekly pass for Sky Sports will appeal to cricket fans, who will be able to use the weekly pass to cover the entire period of a test match or to football fans, who will now be able to watch a whole weekend of football action for £1 extra during the promotional period. Sky Sports 5 will be joining the service this week. However, the weekly pass will not be available to Now TV subscribers using Apple TV.

Gidon Katz, Director of NOW TV said: “With the start of the football season just days away, this is a great time to be giving sports fans even more choice.  We know our sports fans are hungry for more flexibility in how they watch sports and the new Sky Sports Week Pass offers just that. Now fans simply have to decide if they want to snack on a day pass or feast on a week's sport for just £10.99.”

Now TV is believed to be behind most of Sky's recent subscriber increases; the pay TV giant does provide a detailed breakdown of Now TV subscribers.

However, its reliability has come under the spotlight on multiple occasions, with Now TV collapsing under the demand of Game of Thrones and football fans earlier this year. A glance at Now TV's community forums reveals at least two occasions in the last fortnight when access to the service was disrupted due to technical issues.

Meanwhile, subscribers of Sky's main premium satellite service will be able to watch action from every Premier League on demand. For the first time, viewers will be able to choose from 20 different club sections in the on demand section on the Sky+HD box, offering fans a selection of programming featuring their favourite team.


  1. at least with Live TV content (i.e. Sky Sports), you won't get the errors made by Now TV, where the On-Demand programmes won't playback, or are the incorrect episode/programme.

    List of outages recently can be found at :

  2. For any of those who paid for at least two day passes a week (i.e. a weekend) at least the cost is more respectable.

    Next step a monthly one!

  3. £60 a month isn't even that bad compared to paying Sky directly - and throw in movies and the entertainment pack £75 for the key Sky channels is probably less than through Sky themselves. I know I worked it out with just Sky Sports a while back and it was around £80+ a month.

    Live TV outages are even more annoying though, especially for sport, as unlike catch up you can't just watch again the next day.

  4. The next step needs to be to offer Sky Sports on Now TV for £20 a month the same as they do on Sky Go. That would be the obvious best deal!


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