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Site Information, contact and policies (22/08/2014)

a516digital site information and policies - last updated 22nd August 2014

Browser compatibility
There are two versions of this site: desktop and mobile.
It's been tested to work with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and Apple's Safari for Windows.

The site is also available on Internet Explorer, but sometimes graphics and layout may alter. a516digital recommends you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, as older versions can't be supported.
On mobile / tablets, a simplified site is available, and this has been tested on the mobile Safari and mobile Chrome browsers. It has been tested on both smartphones and tablets running Android. If mobile users choose to use the desktop version instead, there may be slight differences in appearance and some functions on some systems may not work correctly. In most cases, the regular version of the website should appear fairly normally on Android Tablets, with the exception of certain fonts not installed on these devices.

Cookies and Privacy Policy
This is a site powered by Google, who use cookies. To read their Privacy and Cookie Policy click here. For information on disallowing cookies click here.
You may have noticed a label appearing in the top right of the website when you landed on the website alerting you to the use of cookies as required by law, which gives you the option to acknowledge the cookie policy or to leave the website.
If you are signed onto Google or one of its services, such as Google+, you are also signed in on this website, meaning you can leave comments using your Google Account. a516digital does not see this information.

a516digital can and does monitor web traffic to its webpages, whereby in accordance with Google's privacy policy, only details about where the traffic comes from, such as the country you are in, the website that took you here and the browser you are using are logged. No further information about you is available to a516digital. a516digital cannot trace individual users and Google does not provide a516digital with any personal information. This information helps with the development of the webpage and provides information about potential spam sources.

Adverts (when present) are provided exclusively by our chosen ad partners Google Adsense and These provide the website with income to cover running costs and a516digital works hard to ensure that most of the advertising is relevant, but not intrusive. Please use the contact form below if you encounter issues with, or as a result of the adverts.

a516digital is on Twitter @a516digital and on facebook. By accessing a516digital on social media platforms you must abide by their relevant terms and conditions. Don't disclose sensitive or personal information on social media.

The site
a516digital is powered by Blogger, part of the Google network of sites. To access the full functions of this site and to be able to comment, you need to be signed into a Google Account.
Any information on receiving services is intended as a useful guide. Please always seek professional advice before doing anything with your TV, aerial, dish or cabling that you are not sure of, and always unplug equipment when dealing with live cabling. a516digital is not liable for any damage or injury caused by users dealing with equipment, cabling, aerials, dishes and any other peripheral devices when trying to sort out their TV and/or radio reception after reading information on this site.

On some pages, users signed in to Google can leave comments. Some comments will not appear immediately if they have been automatically referred for moderation. Provided the comment does not fall under the categories listed below, it will be added to the page as soon as possible.

In many cases, there is a routine period, ranging from 7 to 14 days from the publishing of an article to make a comment.

The following types of comment are not permitted: Some comments, including, but not limited to abusive, racist and libellous comments are not tolerated and will be deleted. Users can report offensive comments using the contact box at the foot of this page. Off topic comments, spam messages and comments used to link to a commercial website will be subject to deletion. Don't post copyrighted material. Comments may be removed at the discretion of a516digital. Please be aware that your comments are in line with Google's policy on your use of their services.

You can use the comment function on most current posts (see comments section above).

For some stories and reference pages, a516digital relies on the input from readers - for example the site may "crowd source" reception reports from comments submitted to the site. If you think the information a516digital has received is wrong or needs clarifying, contact us!

For other general enquiries or if you wish to report a problem you've encountered on the website, you can use the contact box provided by vCita below. Responses may not be as instant as the comment function on individual pages, but are made in the strictest confidence - please read the following: 

If you've got news or a story to tell, please indicate if you want your details to be published should the item lead to publication. a516digital will not publish your details until consent is given. 

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