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Oxford and Solent Local TV set for October/November launch

Local TV is set to arrive in Oxford and around the Solent this autumn, as That's TV prepares to launch the first two of its network of local channels across southern England.

Nearly two years after confirming That's TV as the winner of the licences to operate local TV in the Southampton and Oxford areas, That's Oxford and That's Solent have received the necessary paperwork allowing them to launch on Freeview.

First up to launch will be That's Solent, which has been granted a licence by Ofcom to start regular transmissions via Freeview channel 8 on the 22nd October 2014.

Two weeks later, That's Oxford's broadcast licence commences, allowing transmissions to start on 5th November 2014.

Neither channel has officially confirmed their launch dates, but the commencement dates of the licences granted indicate that the services can't launch before then, although test transmissions are permitted.

Both services are planning to be available on Virgin Media in their respective areas.

That's Oxford and That's Solent are born out of the remnants of analogue local TV service Six TV, which operated in both areas, headed by chief executive Daniel Cass.

That's Oxford has committed to 5x30 minutes per day of local news during the week and 5x15 minutes per day at the weekend plus programming targeted at students, while That's Solent will hit the airwaves with a commitment to carry 3 hours per day of news during the week and 1 hour per day at the weekend. That's Solent will also give over 40 minutes of airtime each week for coverage of the local voluntary sector.

That's TV is planning to launch further local TV stations serving Basingstoke, Guildford, Reading and Salisbury, currently making the company the holder of the most local TV licences.


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