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Notts TV celebrates positive viewing figures

Local TV broadcaster Notts TV is celebrating three months on air with research showing 385,000 viewers have tuned into the channel since its launch.

Research conducted by JRA revealed that 189,000 people watch Nottingham's local channel every week and 69% of viewers will watch several times a week.

Responding to the research, Jamie Brindle, Channel Director for Notts TV said: “The buzz around Notts TV was great before we even went on air thanks to a fantastic marketing campaign and loads of support from the people of Notts, but we had no idea we’d reach audience levels like this so early on.”

Additionally, the channel has also learned that they have been shortlisted for a Royal Television Society Award for their Blue Duck launch campaign. Leila Gold, marketing lead for Notts TV said "To receive industry recognition as well as these great figures is a fantastic endorsement."

The channel's upbeat tone contrasts with recent reports from the national media focusing on London Live's difficulties and Birmingham's City8's administration.

Notts TV is distributed on Freeview and Virgin Media.


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