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Netherlands: Public Service channels rebranded


The main public service channels in the Netherlands have been rebranded today, with all services coming under the "NPO" brand.

For example, Dutch channel 1, "Nederland 1" is now "NPO1".

The NPO is the administative organisation behind the Dutch public broadcasting system, which involves different broadcasting associations reflecting different political, cultural and religious backgrounds being allocated various amounts of airtime on the public service channels. News, current affairs, sport and teletext are however provided by NOS, an independent organisation.

Today's rebrand of the main elements of Dutch public service TV and radio is the most visible of the changes to the system, which started earlier this year with the rebrand of the smaller, digital-only channels and the launch of the new branding online and through the catch-up TV service Uitzending Gemist. The NPO says that increased competition and rapid changes in the world of media make a unified branding necessary so as to help viewers easily find content scattered across mobile, tablet and computer platforms as well as via traditional TV and radio.

Occasionally, the free-to-air signals from the Dutch public service broadcasters have been received along the eastern side of England during favourable atmospheric conditions, with some viewers even finding the Dutch stations at the bottom of their Freeview channel list after retuning.

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