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Localised technical changes to BBC Freeview services announced

Technical changes to BBC services in parts of Cumbria, South Yorkshire, North East Derbyshire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire mean that viewers will need to retune on 3rd September or risk losing channels including BBC One.

Coinciding with wider changes on Freeview on Wednesday 3rd September 2014, viewers in the affected areas who use Freeview or YouView may lose access to the BBC's standard definition TV channels and national radio stations.

Viewers in other parts of the UK are being advised they don't need to retune, but will miss out on new services when the changes occur on Wednesday afternoon.

The technical changes, understood to be linked to data transmitted alongside the TV service, will affect viewers receiving a signal from the following transmitters and their relays:
  • Sheffield (also known as Crosspool or Tapton Hill)
  • Chesterfield
  • Kendal (South Lake District)
  • Ridge Hill (serving parts of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire)

Some receivers will automatically digest the changes, while others will need to be retuned to restore missing BBC channels. At the same time, viewers who retune will see news and children's channels move to their new positions starting from channel 120.

HD channels are unaffected by these changes.

Viewers in the affected areas with scheduled recordings may need to reset their recordings after retuning.


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