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Is my local TV station available on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media?

Depending on the size and scale of each local TV station, distribution beyond Freeview and YouView may vary.

No local TV service currently broadcasts on Freesat. One reason is broadcast rights issues: their signal would overlap outside of the UK resulting in extra charges.

Of the stations currently on air or testing, this is the availability on Sky and Virgin - note Virgin Media transmissions don't usually start until the station has launched, whereas test transmissions are usually available for some time in advance on Freeview:

  • Belfast: NVTV - Virgin Media 159 from launch.
  • Brighton: Latest TV - Virgin Media 159
  • Bristol: Made in Bristol - Virgin Media 159. Sky 117.
  • Cardiff: Made in Cardiff - Virgin Media 159. Sky 134.
  • Edinburgh: STV Edinburgh - Virgin Media 159. Sky 134.
  • Glasgow:  STV Glasgow - Virgin Media 159. Sky 117
  • Grimsby: Estuary - Virgin Media 159
  • Leeds: Made in Leeds - Virgin Media 159. Sky 117.
  • Liverpool: Bay TV Liverpool - Virgin Media 159 from launch. Not on Sky.
  • London: London Live - Sky 117 and Virgin Media 159
  • Newcastle: Made in Tyne and Wear - Virgin Media 159. Sky 117.
  • Nottingham: Notts TV - Virgin Media 159.
  • Norwich: Mustard - Virgin Media 159.
  • Sheffield: Sheffield Live TV - Virgin Media 159. 
  • Southampton/Portsmouth: That's Solent - Virgin Media 159 and Wight Fibre 108.
Important: This information is subject to revisions / updates as each local TV operator announces further details about their distribution arrangements on TV services other than Freeview.

last updated 01/02/2015

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