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Further coverage boost for BBC DAB

The BBC has over the summer added further transmitters to its national DAB digital radio network, working towards its goal to cover 97% of the population by the end of 2015.

New transmitter sites have been added during the past two months at East Grinstead, Boars Hill (for Oxford and SW Oxon), Rye, Luddenden, Okehampton, Stocksbridge, Jedburgh, Biggar, Bolehill (serving Wirksworth and parts of Matlock not served by Stanton Moor), Maesteg, Hebden Bridge and Darwen.

All transmitters operate as part of the BBC network on VHF block 12B.

These sites provide listeners with the full set of BBC National Radio stations. BBC local radio in England and services for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are rolled out on DAB separately via commercial operators.


  1. DAB still closing the stable door after the horse has bolted I see. It's a waste of time. FM and Internet radio serve the various requirements much better. I have all three and DAB is the one I use least.

    1. For some of the areas listed, DAB is the only viable way to listen to some stations on the move (mobile network reception is very patchy in parts of the Borders, Derbyshire and Devon as far as data/streaming is concerned).

    2. What's wrong with FM? I generally find that much better than DAB for in car recption.

    3. DAB would be the only option for the digital only stations. Also BBC R5live is more stable, especially in AM mush zones and at night.


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