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Euronews joins TVPlayer

Euronews has become the latest channel to join TVPlayer, Simplestream's online live TV streaming service, available on mobile, tablet and PC devices.

Covering world news and broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Euronews live currently reaches an impressive 415 million households in 156 countries.   The launch of Euronews on TVPlayer will bring around-the-clock coverage of the most up-to-date news, business and current affair stories, as well as lifestyle features, to a wider audience in the UK across multiple devices.

The latest addition of international news channel Euronews takes TVPlayer’s channel offering to over 45 free-to-view channels. TVPlayer can be watched via, App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store and is soon to launch via channel 241 on Freeview in the UK via compatible connected devices.

Arnaud Verlhac, Euronews Director of Worldwide Distribution said:สบ"I am delighted with this agreement between Euronews and TVPlayer, enabling us to share our channel to the UK's fastest growing TV platform. Euronews integrates perfectly into TVPlayer's offering. The agreement also brings Euronews into a large audience, strengthening its presence in the UK.”

Lewis Arthur, Platform Manager of TVPlayer said: "The launch of Euronews on TVPlayer is an exciting addition to our platform.  In a fast-pace digital age, consumers expect to be kept up-to-date on world news and current affairs, which they seek out online and using their mobile phone.  We are pleased that we have been working with Euronews to bring their 24 hour world news coverage to a captive audience in the UK.”


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