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Capacity for new terrestrial TV services available from mid-November

Arqiva manages TV transmitter sites and some Freeview capacity
Capacity to launch new TV services via digital terrestrial TV will be available from mid-November 2014, with interested broadcasters invited to express their interest now.

Arqiva, who hold the licence to operate several digital TV multiplexes that carry content to viewer's homes with Freeview, says that the slots are suitable for standard definition TV services and that proposals to use them for either free-to-air or conditional access (pay TV) will be considered. The slots are available for full 24/7 services.

Broadcasters have been invited submit their proposals to Arqiva by 12th September. The slots will be made available through a competitive bidding process.

By making their services available on Freeview, potential users of the capacity will be able to reach around 90% of the UK population living within the coverage area of Arqiva's multiplexes.

On the 3rd September, some Freeview channel numbers are changing, with more space created in the channel list for new services.

For viewers who want to see a particular channel on Freeview, this may be a good time to contact the relevant channel operator to let them know of your interest in seeing them on terrestrial TV.


  1. I see today I've got place holders for CBS Action and truTV+1 (plus one tba HD I think) on my stb but I guess these can't be a part of this allocation if it isn't going to be decided until later in September...or can they?

    Has it been revealed how many slots are available in this particular instance please?

    1. The new additions are separate to the advertised capacity being oftered. Arqiva does not publicly say how many slots are available. Just more than one!

  2. I suppose this affects only the commercial multiplexes; so those who receive their signal from a PSB transmitter won't benefit.
    I don't suppose Arqiva will spend any of the resulting extra income on upgrading PSB transmitters either.

  3. good to know more channels are coming to freeview. cbs action will be a good addition but nobody knows when it starts.good to see aanother hd channel coming. just wish channel 5hd would come to freeview.

  4. Today I've got placeholders for POP+1 (not Manchester but Rowridge transmitter) and ITVbe. The extra POP channel is a bit of a waste in my opinion (although I assume it will be on the local mux as per the original) and I wonder if ITV4+1 will still be alive on Wednesday now that ITVbe has finally arrived.


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