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Zing and Lamhe join TVPlayer service

South Asian channels Lamhe and Zing from ZEE are to launch on mobile and internet streaming service TVPlayer.

The deal also includes catch-up and network PVR rights for the channels ahead of a major update to the TVPlayer platform scheduled for later in the year.

Lamhe and Zing will belong to the TVPlayer's DESI pack of channels.

Zing is the number one British Asian Bollywood Lifestyle channel in the UK offering an exciting mix of shows. Last month, the channel ranked as top third channel in the South Asian TV market, with a monthly reach of 1,048,000 in June (Source: BARB).

The deal means TVPlayer audiences will be able to enjoy regular Bollywood updates on ‘Zing Bollywood Now’, ‘Bollywood Life’, and ‘Bollywood Business’, get the UK’s take on Bollywood with ‘Brit’s Bollywood’, as well as catch the latest glamour trends on ‘Trendsetters’.

Lamhe is ZEE’s latest addition to its bouquet of channels. It launched last year, initially on Sky and Virgin before Freeview in the Greater Manchester area. It showcases the very best of South-Asian entertainment aimed at viewers who love to watch drama, classic Bollywood movies as well as lifestyle programmes. Viewers can enjoy award-winning shows such as ‘Astitva (Identity)’ and ‘Kasamh Se’ (Promise), as well as culinary highlights with ‘Great Chefs of India’.

Responding to the TVPlayer launch announcement, Neeraj Dhingra, ZEE CEO, Europe said: “ZEE entertains 700+ million viewers across 169 countries. Our channels Zing and Lamhe offer a distinct set of programmes that differentiates them from others in the market making them a great addition to TVPlayer platform. The content on both is aimed at a wide cross-section of the audience of all age groups and we are making it accessible across various types of platforms.”

Lewis Arthur, Platform Manager of TVPlayer, said: “Zing and Lamhe have a huge fan-base in the UK and we are excited to provide another platform for their users to view great Bollywood shows and the best of Drama through these channels. Our DESI pack has been popular since we launched on TVPlayer, indicating the consistent and growing demand for this content in the UK.”

TVPlayer is meanwhile continuing to prepare for a launch on connected Freeview channel 241, where it will offer a range of services, currently not available on the digital terrestrial TV service. Channel line-ups are yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, TVPlayer can be accessed via mobile apps and via


  1. any date yet of when tvplayer is going to launch on freeview, there is an on screen message saying coming soon but no date of when?


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