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The Latest: Brighton's local TV station licensed for late summer launch

UPDATE (27/08/2014): Brighton prepares for launch of UK's sixth local TV channel on Freeview 

Brighton and Hove's forthcoming local TV station Latest TV has become the latest to be formally granted a licence from Ofcom to transmit on Freeview following its successful application in 2012 to operate local TV in the area.

The channel was announced as the winner of the local TV licence for Brighton on 12th September 2012. Now, nearly two years later, Ofcom has granted that licence, which commences on the 28th August 2014 for a duration of just over eleven years.

The 28th August commencement date is the earliest date the channel can officially launch its service from the Whitehawk Hill transmitter, where it will be available to Freeview homes across Brighton, Hove and Worthing on channel 8.

In a recent blog posting, Latest TV's Tim Ridgway confirmed a summer launch, but an exact date has not yet been officially revealed.

Viewers in the Brighton and Hove area who can already receive transmissions from the local TV multiplex, currently consisting of Chart Show TV and POP (Freeview channels 67 and 75) are in the coverage area for Latest TV.