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Ofcom grants Bristol and Cardiff local TV licences for September start

Local TV licences for services in Bristol and Cardiff have been formally granted by Ofcom this week.

The newly-issued paperwork allows local TV channels "Made in Bristol" and "Made in Cardiff" to launch a regular service on Freeview from September 2014. Both services were originally confirmed as the winners of their respective licences in September 2012.

Made in Bristol's local TV licence commences on the 10th September 2014. Made in Cardiff's licence commences a week later on the 17th September. Exact launch dates have yet to be confirmed by either channel.

In addition to being available on Freeview, both channels have confirmed that they will also be carried on Sky's channel line-up in their respective coverage areas.

Freeview and YouView reception
Made in Bristol will launch on Freeview channel 8. Made in Cardiff is assigned Freeview channel 23, as channel 8 is already taken in Wales.

Viewers in Bristol and Cardiff who have recently retuned their Freeview or YouView equipment and can receive QVC Extra on channel 57, Chart Show TV on channel 67 and POP on channel 75 are already receiving signals from the local TV multiplex and are within the coverage area of the new local channels when they launch.

Local TV coverage checker (external link): 


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