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KMTV and That's Hampshire become latest local TV licence winners

Ofcom has awarded two further local TV licences this week, with a licence heading to KMTV of Maidstone and to That's TV for a Basingstoke service.

That's TV was the only applicant for the Basingstoke local TV licence. The award of the licence now means the company can set up a network of local TV stations stretching from Oxford in the north, around the fringes of London via Reading, Basingstoke and Guildford and down to Southampton/Portsmouth in the south and across to Salisbury in the west.

The Basingstoke service has been given the official name "That's Hampshire".

In Maidstone, TVKent lost out to the bid from KMTV, part of the KM Group, which already operates the local newspaper and local radio station kmfm in the local TV coverage area.

The Maidstone local TV licence also covers Tonbridge following a review of local TV coverage areas by Ofcom last year.

In making its decision to choose KMTV over TVKent, Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee (BLC) said: "The BLC considered that  KM Television  made a  realistic and credible content proposition with first-run local programming consisting of news and magazine-style current affairs, broadening the range of programming available in the area.

Although Kent TV would be likely to meet the needs of the area and the service would be likely to broaden the range of programming available in the area, the BLC  noted that KM Television committed to more hours of first-run local programming than TV Kent. The BLC also considered that KM Television had provided a clearer picture of how the Joint Venture between the KM Media Group and the University of Kent would work in order to deliver the programming commitments than the less well defined partnership arrangements outlined by TV Kent.

In the view of the BLC, these factors would help to ensure that the service proposed by KM Television would meet the needs of the coverage area, broaden the range of programmes available, and increase the number and range of programmes made in or about the area, to a  greater extent than would the service proposed by TV Kent."


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