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ITVBe sets October launch date

ITV has confirmed its new free-to-air channel ITVBe will launch on 8th October 2014. 

The new channel, which will be distributed on Freeview, YouView, Sky, Freesat and cable, will be dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment programming, "celebrating real life and real people".

ITVBe is to be the exclusive home of The Only Way Is Essex, which moves from ITV2, as well as other UK original commissions and a range of American acquired shows.

ITV says it will release details of ITVBe's schedule and broadcast hours closer to the launch date.

What's going to be on ITVBe?
The "female-skewing" channel has announced details about some of the programmes it will be showing:
  • The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) - the new, exclusive home of the scripted reality show.
  • Baby wears Prada - factual series showing extraordinary ways to spoil children and the families with deep enough pockets to pay for it all.
  • Real Housewives Of... currently on ITV2, ITVBe will also show a UK version of the US franchise: Real Housewives Of Cheshire.
  • Dinner Date - transfers from ITV to a peak-time ITVBe slot.
  • Seven Days With... - following the lives of celebrity couples through the course of a week.
Update (02/09/2014): confirmed to be launching on Freeview and YouView channel 26. More details to follow.



  1. hi like see sony movies channel wot date freeview

  2. I hope they launch it in hd on freesat freeview also fingers crossed

  3. The HD version of the channel is currently destined to be pay TV only. Freeview and Freesat will get the standard definition version.

    (As an entirely commercial channel, there is no obligation on ITV Plc to make the HD version of the new channel available to free-to-air viewers.)

  4. How do you get it on sky, will it come up on the planner by itself or do you have to reset the sky box x

    1. You shouldn't need to do anything - it'll get added automatically by Sky.


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